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Income Experiment: WP ROBOT [Part 1] Building 3 Automatic Niche Blogs

I built 3 new automatic niche blog sites with WP Robot wordpress plugin. The blog websites are https://dogtraining.help (dog training niche), https://woodworking.best/ (woodworking niche), and https://survival.fan/ (survival/prepper niche). I will be promoting amazon and clickbank products at these sites. Stay tuned for stats of traffic and any income generated with these sites. Make sure to…

[PART 4] How to Setup WordPress Niche Affiliate Review Comparison Blog Site

In today’s WordPress Affiliate review blog training lesson, learn how to quickly and easily install wordpress on your website by using cpanel. I go over some basic things like how to install a new free theme. In the next part, learn how to install some essential plugins (ALL FREE!) to run your new affiliate review…

Long Tail Pro Review & Tutorial – Best Niche Keyword Research Tool +Competition Analysis

My LongTailPro Review & Tutorial, try out LongTailPro free for 7 days 👉 https://howtowebmaster.com/go/long-tail-pro/ 🥇 Long Tail Pro Review – My Rating: 4.7 out of 5 ⭐ -Easy to use -Quickly find niche keywords with low competition -Bulk keyword research tool: search volume, keyword competition, and more! -Keyword rank tracking -keyword competitor analysis with scores…

[Income Experiment] WP Automatic Plugin Part 1 – Build Automated Niche Blog

I built a brand new automatic niche site with WP-Automatic wordpress plugin. The site is https://weightloss.pics and it is a weight loss pictures website/blog. I will be promoting amazon and clickbank products relating to the weight loss niche. Stay tuned for stats of traffic and any income generated with this type of site. Make sure…

Niche Affiliate Review Blog Site Creation Tutorial Training [Part 2: Niche Research]

In today’s lesson, learn about niche keyword research before creating your affiliate review blog. The strategy is plain and simple, pick 5 – 10 products that has a descent amount of keyword search volume (+ similar keyword amounts, as seen in video). With these products or services, you will then later review and compare them…

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