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Income Experiment: WP ROBOT [Part 1] Building 3 Automatic Niche Blogs

I built 3 new automatic niche blog sites with WP Robot wordpress plugin. The blog websites are https://dogtraining.help (dog training niche), https://woodworking.best/ (woodworking niche), and https://survival.fan/ (survival/prepper niche). I will be promoting amazon and clickbank products at these sites. Stay tuned for stats of traffic and any income generated with these sites. Make sure to…

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs 🐼 Improve SEO 👆 Faster Speed & Security

I show the 6 must have best free wordpress plugins for blogs and anyone using wordpress. These free wordpress plugins will improve SEO, speed up wordpress, improve security, and more. What I like most about these plugins is that they are ALL EASY to setup! Here are the links to the 6 best free wordpress…

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