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Automated Blog Content Using RSS Feeds With WP Automatic Plugin

Learn how to use WP Automatic plugin to automatically scrape & post content from RSS Feeds. Set a post schedule anytime and post daily news articles from an unlimited amount of RSS feed sources with your targeted keywords. 🥇 See my video review & setup tutorial for WP Automatic plugin here: 👉https://youtu.be/KD1XEfa_saA 🔥 Visit WP…

[Income Experiment] WP Automatic Plugin Part 1 – Build Automated Niche Blog

I built a brand new automatic niche site with WP-Automatic wordpress plugin. The site is https://weightloss.pics and it is a weight loss pictures website/blog. I will be promoting amazon and clickbank products relating to the weight loss niche. Stay tuned for stats of traffic and any income generated with this type of site. Make sure…

ValvePress WP Automatic Plugin Review + Setup Tutorial – Automated WordPress Blogging

Thanks for checking out my WP Automatic review + setup tutorial. I will be building a brand new wordpress site (WeightLoss.pics) from scratch with WP Automatic plugin, fully automated content generation, and promoting amazon & clickbank affiliate products. I’ll make progress update videos to see how much traffic and earnings I can get from using…

NewsBuilder Review – WordPress Plugin to Create Automated News Site With Full Article Content

*BEWARE* It has come to my attention that Newsbuilder is copycat version of Newsomatic from codecanyon: https://www.howtowebmaster.com/go/newsomatic/ Then have copied the exact plugin and took away a lot of features. Many customers have complained. The author of Newsomatic has been helping out the newsbuilder customers. He is legit guy to buy from. Check comments below!…

Build an Automated Arcade Gaming WordPress Website With Article Spinning!

   Watch and see how easy it is to build an awesome fun play games online website that works for mobile gaming too. 🔥 This arcade plugin also comes with integration with article spinning features! Visit MyArcadePlugin to see all of the awesome features 👉      

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