SYVID Review: NOT WORKING! Bulk Video Distribution and Sharing Tool

SYVID Review: NOT WORKING! Bulk Video Distribution and Sharing Tool

Thanks for checking out my SyVid review video. I really wanted this to work since I do video marketing, but SyVid currently has some issues. I’ve already encountered some bugs and errors within the first 5 minutes of usage.

SyVid is Not a bad product, if everything works as it should, this would be a GREAT product. You can still submit to 4/8 video sites or possibly 5/8 if you want to pay for vzaar (expensive!). It is uncertain whether they can fix the facebook and vimeo connections.

Hopefully, SyVid get these issues fixed, and I’ll give it a glowing review in the future.

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Overall, I’m putting Syvid into my List of CRAP๐Ÿ’ฉ Products to avoid, see the full list here:

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  1. MatMat - Reply

    They are relauching this piece of shit right now. My advice : Do not by from these scammers/vendors.

  2. Apnay Online - Reply

    Hate people who just release products to make quick bucks, looks like syvid maker is one such guy.

  3. PandawdyBob - Reply

    This sucks.. I found a good coupon to get it cheap. But it's not worth a low price if it doesn't work.

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