[DAY 140] Make Money With DailyMotion Monetization UPDATE!

[DAY 140] Make Money With DailyMotion Monetization UPDATE!

My progress update with dailymotion, I’ve started a new channel with DM about 140 days ago. I have not been very active with uploading on DM lately. But overall the CPM or ad rates that you earn per 1000 views on average is about .50 to on the highend.

If you have good viral-worthy videos, this is a good place to make some extra money and gain addition fans outside of youtube.

You can find out why I started uploading my demonetized videos to DailyMotion here:
๐Ÿ‘‰ https://youtu.be/Zi6vxYfKX9I

๐Ÿ”ฅ How to become a Dailymotion Monetization partner https://faq.dailymotion.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008808407-Become-a-partner

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  1. Mercedes-Benz W124 - Reply

    Since the 24% bullshit tax on the US (which is in fact 30%), I am now moving to Dailymotion. I will not only load my hundreds of videos, but not load anymore on youtube and fill more dailymotion. I think that big groups like youtube take the piss and it is time for us to give the thumb up to other platform videos

  2. World ฬs Top Rentals - Reply

    Thanks for the video! Can you have two channels on daily motion? Are there niches that pay more on daily motion like on youtube?

  3. The Funky Spork - Reply

    I decided to create a daily motion channel similar to my current yt channel. For clarification, unlike yt, you DO NOT need to have 1000 min sub/4000hours watchtime like YouTube to be monetized correct?

  4. GulaLee - Reply

    dude i have trailer channel on dailymotion but i still not getting any dollar (still zero) can you help me

  5. Sutan Ubay - Reply

    hello friend, please make a way to register your latest dailymotion account video

  6. Hind Mike - Reply

    Hi thank you for the info . How do you get paid in daily motion and how to open an account . Does it accept kids content ( drawing ABC toys ex ??)

  7. Edhubs I have - Reply

    From Now Dailymotion Monetization Is only Available to Verified Partners

  8. Fabroid - Reply

    Do you have any recommendations for the begginers to get some views on their first videos?

  9. Edhubs I have - Reply

    Facebook Video Monetization pays more than Dailymotion and YouTube

  10. Edhubs I have - Reply

    Sir please Make a video on Facebook Video Monetization

  11. Naeem khan - Reply

    Do contacting Dailymotion Team Before opening account is necessary?

  12. Basically INFO - Reply

    I received 0.02ยฃ on 7k views
    My audience was from Pakistan and India.
    From where your audience is?

  13. Sammaira Khan - Reply

    Do you have a Verification Badge on Your Dailymotion Account?

  14. MEENA Arena - Reply

    Bro I have 500+ followers and my daily view 10k+ but I don't get good revenues my monthly revenue 0.67$
    What should I do .

  15. Artsy Gacha - Reply

    Thank you for the update. I waited patiently for this.
    1000 views = 0.50 is pretty good money since they don't split money w/ Google. I still plan on making a part time living/job with that website. I'll keep you up to date whenever I start posting on DailyMotion… ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜

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