Best Bulk Email Sender Software Mailwizz Review + Quick Tutorial

Best Bulk Email Sender Software Mailwizz Review + Quick Tutorial

Today I review Mailwizz, it is a self-hosted web-based mass email sending tool. Easily send bulk emails without paying expensive monthly fees. It costs around to send 100,000 emails by using my recommended SMTP servers.

Try the mailwizz demo here:

Mailwizz Review, The Good Things:
-Lots of SMTP services integrations
-SMTP rotations
-Easy List Importing
-Has newsletter broadcast + autoresponder
-Can start your own bulk emailing service
-5 star ratings + Great Support
-Too many features
-No more monthly emailing fees

Mailwizz Review, The Bad Things:
-Steep Learning Curve to Setup

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  1. diegocaracasfc - Reply

    Idk understand what self hosted mean…. What's the difference?

  2. Cheng Kiat Teo - Reply

    Used Mailwizz for a week and its been a terrible experience.

    I suspect all my mails are going to spam. I have roughly 500 emails and only 3 got opened for my first email sent.

    I think if you’re a business owner you should spend a little more monthly on reliable email marketing softwares like getResponse or convertkit

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