Article Forge Review โ€“ BAD! โ€“ ArticleForge vs Article Builder Content Generation Tool

My Article Forge Review, I don’t like it, it produces worthless low quality articles. ArticleForge is an automatic content generation tool. Article Forge vs Article Builder, ArticleBuilder is Better! See my articlebuilder review here

ArticleForge Review, The Good Things:
-Free trial to test out

ArticleForge Review, The Bad Things:
-Produces low quality, unreadable articles

See the ArticleForge article samples produced here:

Honest Article Forge Review – I Don’t Like It! Article Builder is Better!

I also reviewed WordAi, which is another tool from the same creator as ArticleForge. WordAi is also expensive and doesn’t work good:

Overall, I’m putting ArticleForge into my List of CRAP๐Ÿ’ฉ Products to avoid, see the full list here:

See my List of GOOD ๐Ÿ‘‘ product reviews worth checking out here:

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  1. Victor Samuel Aguirre Ferrer - Reply

    i tried ! and it is really bad! i tried so many times in order to be sure ! it is a waste of money !

  2. Biswanath Ganguly - Reply

    Article forge account sell @Rs 250/account. Contact WP +1(530) 358-5667. Or provide your WhatsApp no

  3. Atul Dogra - Reply

    Finally, I can publish my articles without any worry. I can type/write much better comparing these smart AI tools.

    Subscribed you brother from another mother.

  4. Parsuram Naik - Reply

    what in the hell did i just read …. lol.. artice is unique because sentences have no meaning

  5. Alteori - Reply

    You are the first honest person I've seen do a video on this. All the others are raving about it and their comments are fake.

  6. Ameya Deshpande - Reply

    It isnt the end of the world = It isnt the conclusion of the earth ROFLMAO! Actually AI is not that stupid right now but the AI they are using is not really AI but scripts that insert synonyms from the database

  7. Midnight - Reply

    Good thing i'd love doing research first before clicking to something here. Thanks!

  8. johnhjl - Reply

    I was just about to buy this, WOW! clearly useless. You saved me time and money, THANK YOU!

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