ActiveCampaign vs ConstantContact vs Aweber vs MailChimp vs Getresponse Review Comparison

Want to know which email marketing services is the best between..? ActiveCampaign vs ConstantContact vs Aweber vs MailChimp vs Getresponse

This is my ranking for these email marketing services:
#1 ActiveCampaign
#2 Constant Contact
#3 MailChimp
#4 GetResponse
#5 Aweber

I’ve been building my email list for many years and have used all
of the top email marketing services. When it comes down to choosing an email marketing service, it comes down to more than just the price, you want the BEST EMAIL DELIVERIES! Watch my video and see why Active Campaign is the #1 and ConstantContact is the #2 email marketing services on the web. They both offer free trial accounts and NO credit cards required. No B.S. service, sign up and send emails in 5 minutes.

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Email Delivery Rate Experiment Results can be seen here:

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  1. Inni Lopez - Reply

    Thank you for this information. Just a question, which of your two top have better graphic/pictures content?

  2. Dawn Phelps - Reply

    This was super helpful – I always wondered which auto responder to use and why so many people were chosing Active Campaign – it is because of deliverability which is huge – If I pay so much in ads to get a customer, I want my emails to reach them.

  3. Life in Glow Wellness - Reply

    hi there, thank you for showing the stats, only wish you got into other details… I checked the pricing of Active Campaign for example, it is higher than in this video (although it's only a few months after). in CAD prices of most providers are pretty high. I am still not sure what to choose, have never had an email provider. My list potentially right now is under 500 people. I am not after the numbers right now, just want to create a quality newsletter and some consistent subs. Also it will be in 2 languages, and I wonder what is the situation with delivering to Eastern European countries? for example my current website provider (weebly) said recently that they put a ban on visitors from Russia & Ukraine and my clients and friends from there cannot open the websites (only with VPN some could).
    On the Russian-speaking list there might be people from all around the world.

  4. Mike Cole - Reply

    I do not want to recommend only email marketing services 🙂

    We do email marketing to generate leads and grow our business accordingly so I would recommend you to go with HubSpot but it is high priced.

    Recently we found a HubSpot alternative and affordable software as EngageBay

    Definitely you guys would appreciate the service by comparing the costs with other vendors 🙂

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