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๐Ÿ”ฅ IDPLR Review, The GOOD Things:
-New products added frequently
-Huge PLR products catalog
-Easy to search for products
-Great bonuses (free web hosting) and PLR training
-Has free membership plan to try out
-Good deal on lifetime membership
-60 Day Money Back Guarantee

๐Ÿ”ฅ IDPLR Review, The NOT SO GOOD Things:
-Customer Support is lacking (they provide you the PLR products and training as promised, but IDPLR may not provide technical support).

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  1. Hello Everyone - Reply

    Resell rights means can we sell these products on different sites??? What about profit sharing process????

  2. Quik SMM - Reply

    I sent an email a few days ago & no response? They say you can register for free but an ERROR messages comes up – I want to try them before I buy the lifetime membership .. but if they don't care to reply in a timely manner it shows their customer service work ethic!

  3. Kevan Embleton - Reply

    free membership has never worked, and never had an email back from them to say why or when it will be sorted… is it a dead site now????

  4. Eternal A - Reply

    So if I buy the membership
    I dont have to ever pay for any of the ebooks or the videos individually to download
    Please answer

  5. Arun C - Reply

    I recently purchased IDPLR membership and my honest review to everyone is- it is absolutely a waste of money. their free hosting does work and most of the time it is down. Also, they have wpsales copy plugin which doest work with the latest version of WordPress, and they haven't done any updates for many months. very rare for getting nice products. customer support is pathetic and they close your tickets without your knowledge. Not sure how can I get a refund from them. whether they refund to my credit card or not? I don't see any refund options.

  6. arunnc - Reply

    Indigitalworks and idplr looks the same. Both have same to same products and even releases of new ones at same time.
    According to you which is good?
    Which site have u taken membership?

  7. arunnc - Reply

    How can we get marketers to buy prodcuts from us on warriorplus. How to drive traffic

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