WP Automatic vs WP Robot Comparison Reviews – Which is Better?

I compare and review WP Robot vs WP Automatic plugin. I’ve built automated blogs with both plugins and will be posting progress updates on these sites (check my playlists).
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My name is Leon Tran, I've been doing internet marketing since 2005. As a lone-wolf affiliate marketer, it is essential to use software/tools to help with content creation and marketing whenever possible. I am an avid user of internet marketing automation tools such as article spinners and rewriters. I also provide tutorials on internet marketing and how to use tools to succeed with internet marketing at howtowebmaster.com. Thank you for checking out my sites.


  1. Hariharan V - Reply

    Is it ok to copy contents from other sites… Should I keep source links?

  2. Rodolfo Espino - Reply

    What Theme do you recommend for WP Robot or WP Automatic?

  3. Albert Garza - Reply

    Hi, with WP Automatic, can you insert a block add in the middle of the posts that are automatically generated?

  4. Konstantin Ivanov - Reply

    Hi i am not sure what this option (Add Canonical Tag with the original post link to the post for SEO) is doing? If i turn it on can it improve my SEO?

  5. MD - Reply

    Why does Google take 45% cut from my YouTube earnings? Does that seem a lot?

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