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How to Disable WP CRON and Use Real Cron Job for WORDPRESS with CPanel

WP CRON is not reliable if your wordpress site doesn’t get a lot of visits. Therefore, it is better to disable WP Cron and use a real cron by using CPanel cron jobs. 💪🏼 You can find the code for disabling wp cron and commands for cpanel cron job here: https://www.howtowebmaster.com/learn-how-to-disable-wp-cron-use-cpanel-cron-job-instead/#.XdGRl9V7nIU 🔥 For more wordpress…

How to Switch Back to Old WordPress Classic Editor – Disable Block Editor

I am not a fan of the new wordpress block editor. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to switch back to the previous old wordpress classic editor by using the free classic editor plugin. 💪🏼 You can download this plugin here for free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/ *Or search & add this plugin directly from inside of your…

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