My Youtube Earnings January 2021 – BACK FROM BIG DROP! $752

What the heck happened in December 2020 Youtube Earnings? Did your youtube channel earnings dropped too? Is your January 2021 earnings back to normal or higher? Leave a comment. Thanks.

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  1. BM Tanzania - Reply

    Your channel earn a lot, congratulate
    I'm gona start my YouTube channel right now

  2. aadarsh choudhary - Reply

    Shortest and most honest video about youtube earning👍
    Many people talk about alot of bullshit before showing the earning.

  3. MiniMobil Rent - Reply

    Hi, pls video plus the Januar 2021 full Country CPM Ad Rates. THX…..

  4. Sahil 143 - Reply

    No December Was Good I earn Almost 4k USD But In January Dropped 2.8k Only But Still I'm Happy 🤠

  5. Tech Beast - Reply

    I had a question

    How to get sales on affiliate products?
    What is the best quality and free traffic source for affiliate marketing?

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