How to Fix Hacked Site & Remove Deceptive Site Ahead Warning

My website got hacked, and the hacker added phishing scam files on my site. Now google safe browsing (chrome and firefox) displays this big RED deceptive site ahead warning whenever someone visits my site.

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Here’s how to fix the hacked site and remove the deceptive site ahead alert.

Step 1) Go to Search Console:

Make an account, add in your site, verify it. See video for details

Step 2) View the alert in search console to see the infected hacked site files and malware. Clean up your site (*see . Ask your host for help.

Step 3) After removal of the malware. Request for site review.

After a few days, the deceptive site ahead warning will be removed from visitors with the chrome or firefox browsers.

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  1. Fury edge Master - Reply

    Does not help because you did not tell if that hacked site could be used or not

  2. Brenda's Jewellery - Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this video, it really helped me. I did exactly what you said and it worked.

  3. Anju Mohan - Reply

    After the submission.. Almost all of my pages showing in the harmful list , like all files in js and images.. So i should delete all those??

  4. Zama Dladla - Reply

    Nothing is able to function. Even cpanel and the admin page so basically I cannot get in.

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