How to Create Upsell & Downsell Sales Pages For WarriorPlus – Clickbank – JVZOO

In today’s lesson, learn how to make upsells and downsell sales pages. This is part 5.2 of my tutorial training series on how to sell your products on Clickbank, Warriorplus, and JVZOO. Of course, to make this as easy as possible, I recommend using free upsell/downsell templates (download link below). *Obviously there are premium tools out there to make crazy advanced sales funnels, you really want to spend all that money on your first product launch? I made 0+K in sales selling products by using mostly free simple tools. After you learn the ropes of launching a product, then you can get more fancy tools later on if you wish.

🍓 Download the free salespage/thank you page template as seen in the video tutorial here:
🍏 Download the free upsell salespage templates:

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📅 Step-By-Step Tutorial Training Series Will Go As Follows:
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Digital Product Creation Ideas
Part 3: Recommended Tools
Part 4: Finish Creating Your Digital Product
Part 5: Setup Sales Funnel: Setup Salespage
Part 5.1 Setup Thank You Pages
Part 5.2 Setup Upsell/Downsell Pages
Part 6: Domain, Nameservers & Uploading Site Files
Part 7: Building Salespage With WordPress
Part 8: Setting Up WarriorPlus Account & Integrations
Part 9: Setting Up Product Listing at WarriorPlus
Part ?? and beyond……..JVZOO & Clickbank, launching & advanced tips and tricks coming later.

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My name is Leon Tran, I've been doing internet marketing since 2005. As a lone-wolf affiliate marketer, it is essential to use software/tools to help with content creation and marketing whenever possible. I am an avid user of internet marketing automation tools such as article spinners and rewriters. I also provide tutorials on internet marketing and how to use tools to succeed with internet marketing at Thank you for checking out my sites.


  1. Donnie reviews - Reply

    hello sorry unfortunately I follow your videos with the translation and you will understand that it is not easy, I created my product now I have to create a funel or use the ones you gave us, the problem is the host and domain. the question is, can I buy for example on bluehost, both host and domain? or should I take them separate? thx for all

  2. arunnc - Reply

    Hi Leon
    For every same upsell downsell do i need to use different sales page and create products for each offer?

  3. superb kaur - Reply

    Sir i have used plr product to sell on Amazon kdp but everytime it's blocks… Sir is there are chances to get blocked on jvzoo Or warriorplus platform.?

  4. Kenny Adex - Reply

    Hey new to your channel, great content honestly, I'm subscribing.
    One question, what do you use for creating your sales page. Do you use clickfunnel or some other platform? Thanks

  5. milan milan - Reply

    Sir can we use clickfunell Or builderall for making sales page and thankyou page… Plz sir reply

  6. arunnc - Reply

    Have you ised muncheye for products launch? I dont have any big products. My products are basic ebooks plr bundle etc. Should I laincj them through muncheye?

  7. Bookmyvacation Online - Reply

    Hey Leon that vide graphics package is so cool. From where did yo get it? If I buy can i reuse the same templatrs and sales page to resell?

  8. arunnc - Reply

    How does upsell and down sell works?
    Lets say I have a main product and if customer clicks on buy button it takes to payment page. So aftrr the payment only upsell or downsell page will be shown?
    Because nothankyou page takes us back to purchase history page. So when does cusyomer seens upsell downsell page ?

  9. arunnc - Reply

    Hi Leon
    One doubt. As a seller if i give more commision to warriorplus will it has any impact to show in the market ace. Example 60% commision it will promote my products more but if it is 30% then less chance in market like that

  10. MONEY POT - Reply

    Thank you sir waiting for the next one.thanks alt for step by step videos

  11. UpEntrepreneur. - Reply

    Hi how i can make more sales for my products on warriors plus
    I make every thing like fe and oto5 with downsalles and also i paid an advertise on muncheye
    So my second product is about amazon kindle no content with free traffic i make last month $6k a month

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