Free Tutorial on How to Make a Salespage For Warriorplus /JVZOO / Clickbank [Part 5]

This is part 5 of my tutorial training series on how to sell your products on Clickbank, Warriorplus, and JVZOO. In today’s lesson, I will show you how to easily make a salespage by using a premade salespage template.

🍓 Download the free salespage template as seen in the video tutorial here:
🍏Download Kompozer Free HTML editor:


🔥 New tutorial training videos on selling at Clickbank, WarriorPlus, and JVZOO will be posted to my playlist here!

📅 Step-By-Step Tutorial Training Series Will Go As Follows:
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Digital Product Creation Ideas
Part 3: Recommended Tools
Part 4: Finish Creating Your Digital Product
Part 5: Setup Sales Funnel: HTML Salespage + Upsell/Downsell & Thank You Page
Part 6: Domain, Nameservers & Uploading Site Files
Part 7: Building Salespage With WordPress
Part 8: Setting Up WarriorPlus Account & Integrations
Part 9: Setting Up Product Listing at WarriorPlus
Part ?? and beyond……..JVZOO & Clickbank, launching & advanced tips and tricks coming later.

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  1. Rasheed Huggins - Reply

    You have your whole playlist wrong the video Playlist starts at Part 17 instead of Part1 please change it if you can.

  2. Paty Valim - Reply

    What a sensational class! Please tell me what is the way to link the page created in HTML in Kompozer with the URL of my domain website?

  3. Scott Dorrofield - Reply

    Hello, Where is Part 5b: Upsell/Downsell & Thank You Page? Could you provide link.

  4. Daeve Kwah - Reply

    Hi Leon. May correct me if I was wrong.
    We need a different domain name for EVERY digital products that we sell at Worrior plus. For example if ebook title ABC then we need to register a domain name of Then we have second product XYZ ebook, we need another domain for that… Am I correct this way? 😅
    Therefore we will have many many domain names registered?
    I read your success story. how many domain names you registered so far for all your new products.?thanks.

  5. MONEY POT - Reply

    Thanks alot sir.thank you so so much waiting for the next video.once everything done I'll put my product too in warrior thanks again sir

  6. Go4Growth Media - Reply

    You have impacted a perfect knowledge in me through this video. I love it. I think is time to give in return by supporting

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