Build a Website Like Fiverr โ€“ Best Fiverr Clone Script ๐Ÿ‘‰ WordPress Pricerr Theme Review

Want to create your own gig marketplace like Fiverr? Check out the Pricerr wordpress theme, it is the best Fiverr clone on the web! I’ve tested many fiverr clone scripts, and themes, but nothing comes close to the Pricerr theme made for WordPress.

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  1. Play Calm - Reply

    Hi, Can you please guide how can we show up posts on main on our website in this theme. I tried everything but end up with ni solution. I would be grateful if you could tell me if we need any plugin to show jobs like present by default or any other way. Please guide

  2. Martin Vallesco - Reply

    bro if you could find for free one that would be amazing and you will get 20 million views i promise if you find the free theme and plugin

  3. A H - Reply

    What are the pros/cons in comparison with Hivepress themes? They also have a fiver like theme for 1/3 of pricerrโ€™s price

  4. Ant Brad - Reply

    Hi, could I hire you over a Skype call?… Iโ€™d like to use this site with the option to offer people offering a room to rent for students

  5. Gavin K - Reply

    Thanks for the video! How much does it cost to create something like this and monthly maintenance?

  6. Thomas Carter - Reply

    What about the tax forms that you have to give to your free lancer around tax season?

  7. dailyinfo 360 - Reply

    Hello i need a startup idea please can i get a theme related to this information please ?

    Vendors / Suppliers pay quarterly membership $200.00 They can upload their contact information products offer. Their profile can only be VIEWED by registered BUYERS that has a profile in the system (seller) as they call it in Fivver (NOT CLIENTS.) CANNOT SEE vendor profile ONLY BUYES PROFILE.
    Benefits to Vendors and Suppliers : after they buyer complete the task and get paid they will be able to give the Client the Vendors information on where to buy products. Vendor and client setup their own payments terms and conditions. Buyers job is only to do the work and get the information.

    BUYERS โ€“ create a profile on what services areas they offer and their set rate for work to they can do.
    Offer 3-5 quotes to client per clientโ€™s requirements
    Create Proposal or any project requirements
    60min online sessions rate
    30 min online sessions rate
    Milestone payments until client is has ok and approved completed work. with ratings
    Clients can create a profile with the information- Search ONLY for buyers and create bids or work orders for buyers to bid on the GIG. Or they can select who they wish to add.
    Our company is made to help small business that canโ€™t afford to find the best prices for items they need to do business and a fair rate. So its a platform like FIVVER but we only BUY and do services for small business.

  8. Ant Brad - Reply

    Hi, I have a website but all i need is a page like the fiverr account page… i.e. in fiverr we all have our own page showing us our finished project to accept and download… that's what I need… can you advise?

  9. Monstur - Reply

    Hey! I just emailed you a question I have about the Pricerr theme. It is a pretty detailed question and I did not feel comfortable asking it here. Would you mind looking at it and letting me know if you can answer it? Thanks!

  10. EZE - Reply

    hi man do you still use WordPress Automatic Plugin? thinking about using the blogging plugin then use money robot to create the backlinks – sending link juice to the money site. just wanted to know is the WordPress Automatic Plugin is still working in 2019?

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