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Top Tips for Quality Spun Content


Everybody knows that a poorly spun article is unlikely to produce any real results in the long term.


Although your spun content may look unique to search engines, to everybody else it will probably read like gibberish, meaning a high bounce rate and almost zero conversions.


It is therefore imperative to make sure you are producing usable spun content which will actually benefit your website and look good for the search engines.


For almost every case, this will mean you will be unable to just rely on spinning software alone to produce quality content. Manual intervention and proof reading is normally needed along with a good synonyms database (this will save a lot of time in editing).


Stay on Google's side with these 8 article writing tips


 Spin titles as well as the paragraphs and sentences within the content. Choose titles which will attract the attention of the reader as well as contain your keywords for the search engines.


 Make sure you manually re-write the very first opening sentence of an article. When search engines visit your site they look at the fist sentence for a brief summary of what the article is going to be about. Make sure you have as much variation as possible in any spun versions of a specific article.


 Change any bulleted lists to read in a different order as these are often hard to rewrite and will provide greater variation.


 Make sure that the crux of the article (what the piece is about) is above the page fold and not hidden after mountains of waffle. Most people when searching for a product or an answer to a problem want to do so quickly and are not prepared to do a lot of heavy reading first.


 Make sure you are spinning fresh content and not outdated or unrelated advice. The latest Google algorithm rewards new and on-trend content, so always make sure to write about the latest goings on in your chosen niche.

Consider removing any old spun content on your site which is no longer applicable.


 Never overdo keyword density. while ensuring a 7-9% keyword density used to be paramount when trying to rank, it is now highly frowned upon by Google. The general advice on this is to never exceed around 5% or you may risk a picking up a penalty.


 If you have any anchor text in your article, make sure that you vary these too. Many people make the mistake of submitting articles to directories all with the same anchor link pointing back to their site. This does not look natural to Google and will likely cause your rankings to drop if overused.


Since the recent Google Panda update it is now more important than ever to make sure your content is up to scratch and helpful for the reader. Try and stay clear of writing solely for the search engines and make sure you add content that is useful and not only written to generate revenue. A good rule of thumb for affiliate marketers is to make sure only a third of your content is affiliate based.


Which article spinner do we currently recommend?


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The inclusion of the "magic rewrite" button which uniquely selects the most popular synonyms (as selected by all of the other users) makes this one of the most essential tools a writer can have.


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